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postheadericon Cemeteries

Here’s the link for the cemeteries of New Orleans if you need to search for a grave.



postheadericon Deutsche Handschrift

I find that the schools are not teaching good penmanship anymore. They are letting kids “do their own thing”. But what results is unintelligible chicken scratch.

One of the things I love to do is read early family letters which were written in a script that would seem incomprehensible to most people now.
I learned to write cursive way before first grade but it wasn’t the correct method, the American Standard.

Here’s an example (but not mine) of the early writing I did. Deutsche Handschrift
I was still gigged until sixth grade for using the German T and R.

The style you see is Offenbacher. I still have a “zick-zack” penmanship as it is referred to.
Click on the image and you’ll see an enlarged picture.
What does the handwriting read? Read the title of this post.

postheadericon McDrive

Some years ago my two eldest daughters and I went to Germany. As we left the car rental place in Aachen, what did we see as we turned the corner? The dreaded McDonald’s! Stephanie and Kristin both bounced with anticipation and desire for some fast food.

I had to draw the line somewhere and told them that it would be the ONLY time we would eat American fast food in Germany. Since we were all hungry from the long flight and no snacks on the train we turned in to the McDonald’s parking lot and went in.

I must say this meal we ordered was a bit different and a bit on the pricey side. The menu selection was a little unusual; I considered getting a beer but the girls made some sneering faces. Anyway, I didn’t because I was the only driver.

On each counter there were these banners promoting a “McDrive” which is the equivalent to a drive-thru. That was something new to Germany. In the center of the banner it reads “Das etwas andere Restaurant” which means “A different kind of restaurant”.

Drive-thru banner for McDonald's in Aachen

After we left we never again ate at another American chain fast food restaurant. The girls and I had a great time.

Ranfahren (Drive up) – Mitnehmen (Take away) – Genießen (Enjoy)

postheadericon APB


One thing I cannot stand is a thief. This morning I went outside to get on my bicycle to go to the store. Surprise, NO BIKE. Maybe one of my sons took it to go somewhere. Well, it turns out, the bike got lifted.

I will be turning in a police report soon but in the meantime here is the information on the bike.
I keep records of ALL big purchases. What people don’t realize is the police need PROOF of ownership in order to return merchandise to rightful owners.

Stolen Bike

This is the best way I know of to inform the general public to be on the look out for a stolen bicycle.
Click on image to see it full size.

Brand: Huffy
Color: Brown
Style: Cruiser, coaster brake
Serial Number (Look under pedal housing):SNHEC101Q7966
Basket + Cup Holder
BELL security cable coiled around frame, this will probably still be on it since it is extremely hard to cut.

Reported to Sheriff’s department. Got Police item number and we’ll see how things transpire.

postheadericon One day …… the next …..

One day daughter Kristin is trying out new dresses ……

Click on photo ……..

Kristin trying things out

postheadericon Halloween

Halloween is only a few days away.
Here’s my son-in-law’s pumpkin to scare off the evil spirits that will visit that night.

postheadericon Dakota – School

This is Dakota. He has surely grown!


Dakota - Fall 2010

His hair isn’t as long now. ROTC requires short hair.

postheadericon Lakeview School Sixth Grade

I went through some more photos which might interest my kids. Here’s me the last year in grammar school, Lakeview Elementary. The year is 1961. My mother insisted on us boys to button the top button!

Lakeview School - 1961

Something I should mention. The photo that I scanned was washed out, really a LOT of red. Using software I made a quick restore.

postheadericon Kindergarten at Lakeview

Here’s a photo of me at Lakeview School. This is me, unmistakably me. Notice the left eye which turns in which some of my kids inherited. Sorry about that.

Also, a few few days before the picture was taken I got into a fight with my brother Wolfgang. You can see the result on the upper lip. We used to fight almost every day; I was usually the instigator.

Kindergarten Lakeview School - 1955

postheadericon A teenage Stephanie!

Stephanie and Emma, almost twins!